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Big Blue Vanuatu Scuba Dive is situated right on the waterfront in the centre of Port Vila, Vanuatu. They are a fully accredited 5-star PADI resort. Big Blue have two fast boats: a larger boat – The Lady which takes ten divers, and a smaller boat (6 pax) and about 12 crew and guides of different nationalities and ages. And a very friendly bunch they are!

They do the full scope of underwater activities from snorkeling through Discover SCUBA Diving and a range of PADI courses. They also have all the gear that you could possibly need, both for sale and for hire.

Big Blue Vanuatu can accommodate snorkel and diving groups at dive sites like the Two Bommies – useful to know if you want to take the rest of the non-diving family out for the day. Conversely, they can also take serious divers to dive the Semele Federesen which is a 40m wreck.

We think …

If you’re not staying at the Hideaway Island Resort – Big Blue Vanuatu is definitely the best dive shop in town. And the friendliest – by far.

The shop is right next to the renowned Nambawan Café, and gourmet pizza restaurant on the waterfront.

It’s pretty relaxed diving with Big Blue Vanuatu. Call them in advance and find out what’s going on at your level of diving. Whether you’re snorkeling from a boat, doing a Discover Scuba Diving course, or going out for a boat dive, turn up in good time and they can get you kitted out with any gear. They have a shed round the back that’s full of it.

Once you’re ready, it’s a very short walk to the jetty that’s right in front of the shop. There’s plenty of room for taking a dry bag, and you can store your camera safely in the cabin. Depending on where you’re diving it’s a 30 to 40-minute ‘cruise’ across Mele Bay. You are unlikely to experience any significant ‘wave action’ so sit back and enjoy the trip.

Once on site, they’ll be a dive briefing, and divers will be dropped before any snorkelers. Underwater, it’s pretty relaxed and the dive guide will take you on a tour of the best features of the site, and point out any local critters. The guides are all experienced and can take an air-pig to the boat and come back and continue the dive with other guests as required.

The dive ends at the rear ladder, and it’s an easy climb back into the boat. Once back at the jetty it’s a short walk to the wash down tubs and you can hose yourself down at the same time. The two best things about Big Blue are the friendly staff…

… and the fact that it’s right next to the Nambawan Café so you can have an ice cold Tusker while you write up your dives.

Pricing for Big Blue Vanuatu 2019

10 Dive Pack - including gear hire44000VUV|44000
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