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Niue is a Pacific Island paradise like no other, one of the smallest countries, and of the largest raised coral atolls on earth. Niue is a place where it’s normal for complete strangers to wave at each other, all the time. It’s a place where nature hasn’t been broken… and things are ‘the way they used to be’.  There is fantastic diving with a very professional dive shop.  The whales visit Niue annually and often just metres from shore, this is one of the few places you can have in-water interactions in small groups delivered by one of the licensed operators.  There are also resident spinner dolphin encounters available year-round.

Visitors have their choice of small private beaches, lagoons and swimming caves where the likelihood of someone disturbing you is almost nil and are great for snorkeling.  Cave systems and various walks are found all over the Island that can be explored with ease via signposted tracks, many with well-maintained showers and toilets. Niue is also the world’s only Dark Sky Nation.

Niue is a small island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is situated to the east of Tonga, northeast of New Zealand, and west of the Cook Islands in the middle of whats called the Pacific triangle.  It is a remote and isolated island nation, with a population of around 1,700 people. The capital of Niue is Alofi, and the island is a self-governing territory in free association with New Zealand.

At 269 sq. km Niue is over four times the size of Rarotonga. In fact, Niue is much larger than the entire Cooks group of fifteen islands put together, there is no public transport available on island so we strongly recommend you hire a car or bicycle for your stay to ensure you can access all of Niue‘s scenic sites and villages.

Getting There

There are two flights per week with Air New Zealand which depart Auckland on a Tuesday and Saturday (arriving to Niue Monday and Friday due to crossing the dateline). We recommend at least one-week as there is a lot to do and see but 10-14 days is even better.

Niuean‘s are very welcoming of travellers, having accepted tourism as an important contribution to their wellbeing and the economic development of the island. For this reason, Niue caters well to travellers through a range of rich experiences.

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Where to Stay

As the only full-service resort on Niue, the Scenic Matavai Resort offers the best of both worlds – an uncrowded, authentic Niuean experience with the convenience of contemporary luxury. Enjoy watching Humpback Whales and Spinner Dolphins right from the deck while enjoying a meal from of the onsite restaurants and finish the evening with cocktails by the pool.  They also have a self-contained unit options located 1.5kms away.  Both conveniently located close to the dive shop at Niue Blue.

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For whale and dolphin encounters on snorkel, Explore Niue has a range of options and budget accommodation at their on-site Tuaga Lodge.

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Other Activities

Art and Culture

Experience dance, food and fun at one of the local village festivals, or check out local arts and crafts at the art gallery and sculpture park. Visit a church on a Sunday, see canoe carving in action or marvel at fascinating artefacts at the Niue National Museum.

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Let a local show you the island and tell the tales of its people and places. Take a kayak tour, a 4WD tour or get a photo holding an enormous coconut crab. Visit the lush rainforest, a traditional plantation or a fascinating vanilla farm.


Niue has a selection of lovely restaurants serving both European and traditional Polynesian fare. Try local foods like coconut crab, taro, breadfruit, cassava and shellfish-all presented beautifully and prepared to extremely high standards. Dine at the clifftop cafes and bars, try traditional Japanese, pizza, or Asian-fusion dishes in the cafes dotted along the western side of the island & in the township of Alofi. Or visit the Scenic Matavai Resort for their popular weekly buffets.

Diving in Niue is easy yet rewarding with an interesting mix of caverns, caves, pristine coral walls and drop-offs to explore.

Niue‘s greatest feature is its incredibly clear water, with visibility that can reach up to 100 metres. Mix all this with a wide variety of friendly marine life and you have a dive destination that you will want to explore time and time again.

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Niue‘s warm, clear waters, hard coral reefs and underwater caves are home to dazzling displays of marine life, including friendly dolphins and migrating humpback whales every year.

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