CoralWatch is a citizen science initiative using a simple colour-coded chart to help users survey coral reefs and detect coral beaching in its early stages

Diveplanit’s Marine Environment 2016 Round up!

Throughout the year Diveplanit has brought you news about the Marine Environment. Here’s a little summary of ocean related news for 2016 – and despite a few obvious examples – lots of it good and there are reasons to be hopeful!


Biodiversity #29 – Mankind!?! - We’ve done what we’ve done! Now what can we do?

Biodiversity #29 – Mankind!?! – So what’s to be done?

Biodiversity #29 – Mankind!?! Scuba divers can play a significant role in spreading the message that what we do on land impacts what happens in our oceans and that without sustainable practices within fisheries the old adage “There’s plenty more fish in the sea” will simply no longer be true.