Simon Mallender


There are many forms of a liveaboard diving boat, but essentially, the aim of each boat is the same: to enable their customers to dive multiple sites over a large area in comfort and in many cases – extreme luxury.

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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is in the news a lot, mainly because it is slowly succumbing to a number of threats. You can find links on these issues at the bottom of the page, where we describe ‘what is the Great Barrier Reef?’ Here we want to describe how to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef […]

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Muck or Macro Diving

There’s probably not a strict definition of muck diving – though there are many places that claim to have invented it! For the uninitiated, the ‘muck’ element refers to a silty-sandy bottom, with a distinct lack of rock and therefore also coral.

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