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COTSbot – Killer Robots to Save the Reef

Custodians of the Great Barrier Reef have been fighting, but not winning, a war against an alien-like invader, the Crown Of Thorns Starfish (COTS). But the tide looks set to turn with the introduction of the COTSbot, an underwater robot that can seek and destroy individual starfish.

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CoralWatch – early warning for coral bleaching

CoralWatch is a citizen science initiative using a colour-coded chart to help users to survey coral reefs and detect coral bleaching in its early stages. Simple to use … watch the video … order your own CoralWatch Chart

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Leopard Shark Mother’s Virgin Birth

Cleo was born at Reef HQ – the Great Barrier Reef Aquarium in Townsville. Cleo’s Mum is a leopard shark called Leonie, and here’s the surprise: Cleo doesn’t have a father.

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Reef Aid – Real Hope for the Reef

You may have heard the news that Sir Richard Branson is working with Greening Australia to help save the Reef. Great news: but how is Sir Richard doing what our government appears unable to, and who the hell is Greening Australia..?

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The coral bleaching wake-up call

This year’s coral bleaching event is a wake up call for us all to start behaving differently – to reduce our carbon footprint. It is not a reason to stop exploring our underwater world.