Top 5 best value dive destinations to book right now

Aching to book that next diving holiday but anxious about the Christmas budget? We’ve got you covered. Having scoured all the rate sheets for the South East Asia and South Pacific regions, we’ve put together the 5 Best Value Dive Trips to book right now.

#1. Munda

At the eastern tip of the Coral Triangle, the most biodiverse marine habitat on Earth, lies the Munda, in the Solomon Islands.

A school of jacks above coral at a dive site near Munda credit gerald rambert 08186

With direct flights from Brisbane to Munda in the Solomon Islands’ Western Province, and a choice of budget accommodation at Agnes Gateway Hotel, Munda is one of the most affordable places to dive in the South Pacific. Package diving and accommodation with a choice of over 50 dive sites to explore, including WWII wrecks, beautiful coral walls to drift along and mysterious caverns to explore.

#2. Bali

If you haven’t dived the USAT Liberty wreck in Tulamben Bay, you really need to add it to your dive bucket list – the biodiversity at this one dive site alone will have you strolling from nearby Tauch Terminal Resort four or five times a day, not to mention the other great coral and macro diving on Bali’s north east coast.

Mantawithcorals bali hai web
Manta Point, Bali. Image: Bali Hai Dive Adventures.

If it’s big stuff you prefer, hop across the Lombok Strait to Nusa Lembongan to dive with Mantas and, perhaps the world’s weirdest marine mega-fauna; Mola Mola. Lembongan’s Hai Tide Resort can package accommodation with any number of dives.

#3. Vanuatu

Less than three hours flight from Australia’s east coast, Vanuatu boasts some of the Pacific’s most famous WWII wrecks including the SS President Coolidge and Million Dollar Point on the island of Espiritu Santo, and incredibly varied diving off the coast of the island nation’s Port Vila.

Dive tanna & save up to 30% on your stay

Diving in Vila ranges from the staghorn fields and anemone gardens of Hideaway Island to stunning dives such as the Semele Federesen wreck and the Cathedral sea cavern. And let’s not forget the beautiful swim throughs (and active volcano) on the island of Tanna. Book a weekly package with Pacific Dive staying at the Espiritu Hotel on Santo, Volcano Divers on Tanna at the White Grass Ocean Resort or Hideaway Island Resort in Vila.

#4. Tioman

Malaysia’s Tioman Island sits inside a marine protected area and as such is home to some of the healthiest reefs in South China Sea, with a huge variety of reef fish, turtles, sharks, cuttlefish, as well as fantastic muck diving and even a wreck.

Top 5 best value diving destinations to book right now
Credit: Heather Sutton

B&J Diving have some great packages which include road and ferry transfers from Singapore or Kuala Lumpur international airports.

#5. North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is a bit of a double whammy, its east coast famous for the macro wonders of the Lembeh Strait and west coast for the beautiful coral walls of Bunaken National Park (Manado) and pristine coral gardens of Bangka Island. Some dive resorts offer two-in-one and even three-in-one packages which allow divers to sample two or three of these North Sulawesi dive experiences, taking care of all transfers making the trips between locations seamless.

Lembeh muck diving special – save 20%

Thalassa Lembeh Resorts offer a 7-night, 12-dive stay at either resort, or 5 nights at each with 18 dives. Murex Resorts offer a 3-in-1 Passport to Paradise package, which includes diving in Bunaken, Bangka and Lembeh.

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