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Scubaspa ZEN belongs to an award winning fleet of unique liveaboards offering luxury, relaxation and adventure all in one place! Scubaspa ZEN Indonesia harmoniously bridges world-class dive facilities with decadent spa treatments, comfortable accommodation, and some of the country’s finest food and beverages. Itineraries are designed to thrill divers and sail through picturesque islands, dramatic landscapes, and pristine ecosystems in the centre of the Coral Triangle. Indonesia is known as one of the finest destinations for diving in the world and Scubaspa have designed itineraries to cover these spectacular well-known sites. Divers have the opportunity to explore Raja Ampat, Komodo, the Banda Sea and more. Visit deserted islands and local villages on land, and take wonder in the world famous dive spots with an abundance of marine life including manta rays and sharks.

Built in 2012 and having undergone a refit in 2020, Scubaspa ZEN is a custom made phinisi style vessel which has been designed to accommodate up to 20 guests across nine cabins and suites. It is a steady and graceful 53 metre, two-masted sailing vessel crafted by the Konjo boat builder’s tribe in South Sulawesi. There is a majestic balance of ancient romantic traditions enriched with modern design and technology on board this unique liveaboard. Apart from diving, there is an array of tantalising experiences for guests to revel in. Highly trained chefs provide three buffet style meals daily, complete with a live cooking station, which are served in the spacious al fresco restaurant located on the main deck. Guests can enjoy breakfast while watching the sunrise, bask in the glorious sunshine over lunch, and have dinner under the stars complemented by a carefully curated global selection of wines. There is a bar located adjacent to the restaurant which faces the bow of the vessel and opens out onto a shaded lounge deck and on one evening of the trip, guests will also experience a desert island barbecue featuring the catch of the day cooked to perfection on the grill.

The most unique feature of the Scubaspa fleet is the tranquility and luxury of the day spa. On board Scubaspa ZEN, the Asian style spacious five-star spa facility offers a wide range of massage and relaxation therapies to choose from. From classic to signature spa treatments, and the ability to accommodate couple treatments, there’s something to suit everyone. There are 19 different treatments to choose from including Balinese, Thai, and hot stone spa rituals. Located at the stern of the vessel, this is the quietest and most secluded part of the boat, ensuring tranquility and an extraordinary experience. All products used in the spa are locally made with organic ingredients including botanical extracts and essential oils.

Sunrise yoga classes are offered on the sun deck with the sounds of the sea, the warmth of the sunshine and soaring birds in the background. The practice of yoga on board this luxury cruise will help to align the body and mind in harmony, which a perfect complement to the diving offered on this liveaboard.

Internet is available onboard and each guest is given 1GB of data free. Once this allowance has been used, guests may purchase an upgraded internet package. All transactions onboard willl be converted from USD to the local currency IDR for final billing.

Best time to dive

Indonesia is a vast archipelago made up of thousands of islands stretching across the Equator from Southeast Asia to Australia covering more than 5,000 kilometres from east to west. Given its location close to the Equator, sun rays are very strong but the temperature remains stable throughout the year with lows of 22°-25°C and highs of 30°-32°C. Visibility in the water may vary from season to season, but 10-30 metres (35-100 feet) can be expected at the majority of dive sites. As Scubaspa ZEN sails all around Indonesia, the crew will follow the best conditions in each area. For any trip taken aboard this vessel you can be assured it’s the right season!

Scubaspa ZEN will meet guests at the airport or hotel and facilitate transfers to the boat. The location and route of each trip will depend on which itinerary is chosen.

Komodo Airport, Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Komodo, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia

Nusa Dua, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

Komodo, West Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


There are a variety of room options on board Scubaspa ZEN. Each room or cabin boasts a modern design with ample lighting, an ensuite bathroom with shower, premium bath products, a comfortable bed with deluxe linen, air conditioning, WiFi, and multiple electrical outlets.

Owner’s Manta Suite Located at the stern, this 60 square metre suite is a spacious sanctuary with the utmost privacy. Inclusions in this suite are a king size bed, a vast private lounge with panoramic ocean views, bathroom, airconditioning, reading lights, and tea and coffee. The sofa in the living are can be used as an extra bed, and provided for use within the suite are an iPad, and a bluetooth speaker with a wide selection of music. Private dining is available in the Owner’s Manta Suite, and guests may also enjoy spa treatments in the privacy of this room. Many exquisite decorative items are included in this suite including locally sourced exotic woods, and an ensuite bathroom featuring a one of a kind Javanese yellow marble sink.

21 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia owners manta suite

20 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia bathroom owners manta suite

Cowrie Suite This is a 20 square metre suite located in the mid section of the main deck and opens onto the starboard side of the boat. It has a queen bed or twin beds configuration, and a sofa that converts to an additional bed. This Suite features the largest bathroom on board, air conditioning, reading lights, expansive windows, and is decorated with the highest quality materials such as black teak, slatelite stone panels, and onyx stone.

22 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia cowrie suite

Dolphin Suite Opening onto the portside of the boat, this 18 square metre suite is located in the mid-section of the main deck. It features one queen bed or two single beds, a small writing desk, spacious ensuite bathroom, expansive windows, reading lights and air conditioning.

23 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia dolphin suite double

19 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia bathroom dolphin suite

24 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia dolphin suite twin

Sea Star Suite There are 6 Sea Star Suites on board which are set on the port and starboard sides of the lower deck. These suites are 16 square metres and equipped with beds that can be configured as one double or two single beds. Each of these cabins has a writing desk, sofa, ensuite bathroom with shower, wardrobe, reading lights, and air conditioning. Each cabin is decorated with handmade Balinese items and features a one of a kind sink made from either fossilised wood, marble or onyx.

25 scubaspa komodo raja ampat ambon sorong indonesia sea star suite

The goal of diving from the Scubaspa ZEN  is to show guests the best that Indonesia’s underwater world has to offer. Set in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the Indonesian Archipelago is home to more than 76% of the world’s coral species and more species of reef fish than anywhere else in the world. With an astounding 17,500 islands within its bounds, this is the world’s largest archipelago!

Diving in Indonesia can be achieved all year round as the country has a stable tropical climate stretching over 5,000km on either side of the equator, ensuring consistent water temperatures. As rainfall seasons change regionally, diving itineraries are planned accordingly. During the dry season in the months from April to October, trips are centered around the Komodo region. Between October and April is the dry season in the Raja Ampat and Banda Sea regions which coincide with the northwest monsoon. All Subaspa ZEN itineraries are designed according to seasonal weather conditions, and whatever your skill level, Scubaspa are dedicated to customising a diving adventure to suit everyone.

Subaspa ZEN has a Dhoni dive boat which accompanies the main vessel throughout each diving trip. This ensures that the main boat stays dry and undisturbed by noise and activity – ZEN! At 21 metres in length, the Dhoni carries all equipment needed for diving, including air and Nitrox membrane compressors, includes ample seating, multiple entry and exit points, and toilet and shower facilities.

Scubaspa ZEN offers a variety of itineraries where divers can experience Indonesia’s best sites both above and below the water. Situated within the Coral Triangle, the Indonesian Archipelago is a global biodiversity hotspot with more than 76% of the world’s coral species and the most number of reef fish species compared to anywhere else in the world.


Within the region of the Komodo National Park are the famous dive sites of Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, the Yellow Wall of Texas, and Shotgun. Under the water’s surface divers can encounter submerged seamounts, pinnacles, channels, and plateaus housing abundant marine life including fish manta rays, turtles, dolphins, shrimps, nudibranch and pygmy seahorses. Additionally, there are hundreds of species of hard coral in this region. This National Park was originally created to protect the Komodo Dragon, but now includes a magical marine environment located roughly 400km east of Bali, between the East and West Nusa Tenggara islands. Because of its location in the Flores Sea where southward flowing Pacific currents meet the Indian Ocean, Komodo dive site commonly have strong currents which ensures lots of marine life activity and amazing drift diving. Scubaspa ZEN trips to Komodo are available from April to September as this period has ideal weather and water conditions for diving in this region.

Raja Ampat and the Birds Head Peninsula

There are four main islands in Raja Ampat – Misool, Salawati, Batantas, and Waigeo – all nestled into the northwest corner of the Birds Head Peninsula which is home to 574 species of coral. A Scubaspa ZEN trip in this region visits area such as Dampier Strait, Gam, Mansuar, and Misool where divers will be enchanted by the vertical walls, caves, lagoons and slopes, manta rays at their cleaning stations, sharks, turtles, pygmy seahorse clinging to gorgonian fans in the current, and a myriad of macro life. On land and in the sky, exceptionally rare birds can be spotted, including the brilliant bird of paradise.

Banda Sea

Well known for its crystal clear waters, the Banda Sea is filled with sheer walls covered in magnificent soft corals, sea fans, and sponges. Schooling hammerhead sharks may be found swimming by from October to early November in this extraordinarily remote region. With a small population and dive sites only accessible by liveaboards, Scubaspa ZEN can take you right into the heart of the near-pristine marine ecosystems here.

Please see the pricing table below the availability panel for inclusions, exclusions, and extras.

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