When many divers hear ‘North Sulawesi’ they think ‘muck diving’ in the Lembeh Strait; but being in the centre of the Coral Triangle it has so much more

North Sulawesi – what a crowd pleaser!

When many divers hear ‘North Sulawesi’ they actually think ‘muck diving’ as in the infamous Lembeh Strait. But being in the centre of the Coral Triangle North Sulawesi has so much more to offer – something for everyone.


Yvonne McKenzie shares her story of underwater photography.

My Underwater World – Yvonne McKenzie

Yvonne McKenzie, based on Australia’s own Christmas Island, shares her underwater world with DivePlanit.
How did you get into underwater photography in the first place? – Well, ever since I was a young teenager, I always loved taking photos and never went anywhere without a camera. Even today, I still remember my first “camera”: a flat rectangle shape, yellow and black in colour, made of plastic where the flash and 35mm film took up most of the space and left very little room for a “lens”


Turtle with remora

Biodiversity #1 – The Turtle

Biodiversity #1 – The turtle: lives in water but breathes air. Doesn’t lay its eggs in water – it comes back to the beach where it was born to lay its eggs