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Allan Power Dive Tours is a name synonymous with the SS President Coolidge. Based in Luganville, Espiritu Santo, in Vanuatu, an operator with 35 years of experience offering over 20 different dives ranging from 20 to 60m. Allan Power has a dedicated team of dive guides and is a PADI Resort member with a full range of courses from Introductory through to Divemaster. (Imagine telling people you learned to dive on the SS President Coolidge).

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Allan Power Dive Tours is located in the main street of Luganville and provide transfers to the hotel or resort of your choosing. The closest hotel is directly across the street – Santo Hotel.

The day usually starts with morning tea at Allan Power’s house where you get kitted out ready for the dive. They have the full range of quality equipment available for hire.

When everyone is ready, the air-conditioned minibus will take you down to their own gardens adjacent to the shoreline of the dive site. (There is even a low wall out to sea to the top of the decent point, which provides shelter from current or wind – should there be any).

There you can kit up and when ready, your dive guide will give you a brief of the dive. Normally, you would plan a sequence of dives on the Coolidge according to the length of your stay, your abilities, and anything, in particular, you want to see. Usually, you start with a couple of orientation dives and build up (down) to the deeper stuff. Your dive guide will also want to be assured of your capabilities and will be able to help you plan for subsequent dives.

Once ready, you wade out until the water is about chest deep, then basics on, DV in, and follow the rope down to the Coolidge.

After your dive, you can complete any deco in a fabulous coral garden at 5m, designed so that you can lay in the coral sand, and view the clownfish and other reef fish which inhabit this handmade reef whilst you degas.

Then it’s back to the shore, strips down the gear and chuck it in the trailer, and you’re off back to Allan’s for refreshment and to share stories about what you’ve seen, what they’ve seen and what part of the ship you’d like to see next.

Allan Power Dive Tours also dive Million Dollar Point, which is also a shore dive.

We think …

If you want to dive with a name synonymous that’s with the SS President Coolidge – then Allan Power Dive Tours is for you.