Wreck diving the red sea wrecks egypt photo credit nigel marsh

A Sea of Shipwrecks: Red Sea Wrecks, Egypt

Egypt’s Red Sea is a Mecca for divers wanting to explore coral reefs and shipwrecks. On a week-long liveaboard trip around the northern Red Sea you can dive an incredible variety of shipwrecks.

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PADI or SSI – which is best?

Which is the best scuba diving certification? PADI or SSI? Both certifications are accepted the world over, and both have on-line eLearning programs. So what’s the difference? And is one system better than the other?

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Sustainable Diving Practices

With increasing numbers of divers, diving the same sites over and over it’s particularly important that you leave no trace of your visit. Do you really practice sustainable diving? How many of these best practices do you observe?