Beyond Plastic Pollution Conference reducing Marine Plastic Pollution Sydney October 2017

Beyond Plastic Pollution Conference – Sydney 30 October 2017

Beyond Plastic Pollution is Australia’s first Conference focused on reducing Marine Plastic Pollution. Bringing together business, government, science, academia and community, Beyond Plastic Pollution will seek to find pathways to cleaner oceans by exploring the latest research, testing the best solutions and encouraging diverse interests to work together.


Join us for a Manly Screening: A Plastic Ocean, Sunday 23 April. The feature-length adventure documentary exposes the consequences of a disposable lifestyle

A Plastic Ocean – Manly Screening

Join us for a Manly Screening of A Plastic Ocean, on Sunday 23 April. This feature-length adventure documentary that brings to light the consequences of our global disposable lifestyle.


Surfrider Foundation Australia not just a bunch of dudes out riding the surf, but also ocean lovers and protectors of the coastal and marine environment

Surfrider … ocean lovers and protectors of the environment

Hear the word ‘Surfrider’ and instantly imagine the toned and tanned skimming through the surf? Me too – but how wrong I was. Surfrider Foundation Australia are ocean lovers and protectors of the marine environment. Local President, Jude Furniss explains why divers should get involved too.


Plastic Ocean movie and movies about marine plastic pollution such as A Plastic Paradise, the Smog of the Ocean, Open Your Eyes and another short from Bali

Plastic Ocean Movies – where to watch for free

We’ve known for a while that plastic is building up in the oceans. Film makers are now tackling the big questions about how it’s impacting us and what we desperately need to do about it. We review some of the movies available and where to watch them for free.