Beyond Plastic Pollution Conference – Sydney 30 October 2017

Beyond Plastic Pollution

Beyond Plastic Pollution is Australia’s first Conference focused on reducing Marine Plastic Pollution.

Bringing together business, government, science, academia and community, Beyond Plastic Pollution will seek to find pathways to cleaner oceans by exploring the latest research, testing the best solutions and encouraging diverse interests to work together. It’s about sharing the best ideas and collaborating on practical solutions.

Amongst the dozens of presenters, speakers and facilitators will be:

  • Jeff Angel, Director of the Boomerang Alliance
  • Natalie Isaacs, Founder of 1 Million Women
  • Rikki Gunn, Ghost Nets Australia
  • Heidi Taylor, Tangaroa Blue Foundation
  • Denise Hardesty & Chris Wilcox, Senior Research Scientists at CSIRO

Across the two and half days, there are presentations, sessions and panels discussions from industry case studies, to government reports and findings, and community level activities. Here’s just a sample:

  • WHAT COST VANITY? COMMODITISATION OF PLASTICS IN THE COSMETIC & FASHION INDUSTRIES: Panel Discussion Facilitators including: Natalie Isaacs – 1 Million Women
  • VALUING PLASTIC IN THE CIRCULAR ECONOMY: What is it, how can it be applied? Presenter: Prof. Stuart White, Institute of Sustainable Futures, UTS
  • THE FUTURE OF PACKAGING: What does the packaging of the future look like? Are bio-plastics the answer? What are the alternatives? Facilitator: Tim Silverwood
  • WATERWAY MANAGEMENT: Capturing the plastic before it reaches the ocean: Source point, end of pipe and estuarine controls. Presenter: Andrew Allan, Stormwater Industry Association

You can download the full program here.

The Beyond Plastic Pollution Conference will take place at Darling Harbour in Sydney from Monday 30 October to Wednesday 1 November 2017. Register here.

If you want to volunteer to help promote the conference simply call Rachel at Boomerang Alliance: 02 9211 5022, or email:

Plasticity Sydney

The Conference runs in parallel with the powerful full-day Forum: Plasticity Sydney.

Plasticity is about bringing together leaders who can learn and collaborate with one another to help scale up some of the great solutions which are now coming to market. The goal is to have a world where plastic is used, but without creating a plastic footprint on our communities.

Plasticity Forums showcase sustainable solutions and market opportunities for transforming plastic waste into a valuable resource, with local and international ‘TedTalk-style’ speakers and lots of big conversation.

Plasticity Sydney is on at the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney on Tuesday 31 October 2017.

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Photo credit: OCEANA / Carlo Minguell © LIFE BaHAR for N2K

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