Sustainable seafood: how better seafood labelling, informed decisions and personal action can make a difference

Sustainable Seafood – three things you can do

Over fishing is a global issue, and it’s all too easy to put it in the ‘too hard’ basket, turn a blind eye, and hope by some miracle we don’t actually run out of fish. Sustainable seafood: how better seafood labelling, informed decisions and personal action can make a difference.


Spearfishing for or against?

Spearfishing, are you for or against?

Spearfishing versus underwater photography? Keen diver, snorkeler and sometime Diveplanit guest blogger Rod Eime, muses on his transformation from wide-eyed snorkeler and spear fisherman to would-be protector of all marine life (if he only could).


Orange anthias against a background of hard green branching coral at Instant Replay diving Volivoli in the Fiji Islands by Diveplanit

So what exactly is the Coral Reef Alliance?

On a recent trip to Fiji we found ourselves diving with Juliane Diamond, a program manager for the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), and as coral reefs are part of the reason we exist, I was keen to find out more about their work. I wanted to find out; what exactly is the Coral Reef Alliance, what do they do and how can we help?


Biodiversity #29 – Mankind!?! - We’ve done what we’ve done! Now what can we do?

Biodiversity #29 – Mankind!?! – So what’s to be done?

Biodiversity #29 – Mankind!?! Scuba divers can play a significant role in spreading the message that what we do on land impacts what happens in our oceans and that without sustainable practices within fisheries the old adage “There’s plenty more fish in the sea” will simply no longer be true.


Alice the Mermaid. Photo by Dave Thomas.

Sirens and Surfers fight for the Reef

A giant manta flies past us seemingly in slow motion, with gnarled grey eyes staring through us as we kick along beside it. Meanwhile just 32 nautical miles away, harbour waters are so polluted that locals will no longer eat the seafood, and endangered dugongs and turtles are starving due to lack of seagrass.


A manta glides through the crystal clear waters of Cocos Lagoon.

Protecting our Ocean Planet: 10 tips for divers.

PADI’s Project Aware has come up with 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet to help divers of all skill levels make a difference when they dive and travel. They should probably call them the 10 Commandments of Diving or something so we can all take this ocean ethic to heart.