Great News for Shark Lovers – no WA shark cull

Breaking news: WA EPA recommends the WA shark cull NOT go ahead, and WA Premier accepts the decision.

Today the WA Environmental Protection Authority recommended the Shark Hazard Mitigation Drum Line proposal should not be implemented.

The EPA Chairman Dr Vogel stated: “After careful deliberation, the EPA has concluded that there is a high degree of scientific uncertainty as to whether the proposal can meet our objective for Marine Fauna.”

Additionally, he said: “Many of the public submissions raised issues in relation to the effectiveness of the proposal from a public safety perspective.”

“The EPA can only make a judgment on the impact on the environment. The Minister, in making his final decision, may take other matters into consideration,” he said.

Dr Vogel said the EPA supported the continuation and further research into shark behavior and investigation and implementation of non-lethal alternatives.

The proposal, by the Director General, Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC) on behalf of the State of Western Australia, involves the deployment of temporary and static drum lines within marine monitored areas between 15 November and 30 April each year for a period of three years, commencing as soon as 15 November 2014.

Though the EPA has made a recommendation, it is up to State and Federal Ministers to make the final decision.

The good news is that WA Premier Colin Barnett said he was disappointed but would accept the EPA’s decision.

“I find it extraordinary… that the catching of sharks could be prohibited in WA, but allowed in New South Wales,” he said.

We find that extraordinary too. The slaughter of sharks should be banned in every state.

great white shark WA shark cull appears to be over

2 thoughts on “Great News for Shark Lovers – no WA shark cull

  1. Very good job of all shark-friends 🙂 !!! I love these wonderful sharks!!! I ive in Germany and following this bloody slaughter for months!!! Its so cruel!!! It is a big win for these wonderful and awesome animals!!!! 🙂

    Thank you so much!!! 🙂

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