Borneo Ocean Diaries premiers on Diveplanit Facebook page

Borneo ocean diaries premiers on diveplanit facebook page

Premiering this week and screening on the Diveplanit Facebook page, Scubazoo TV’s latest series: Borneo Ocean Diaries. The series is hosted by vivacious Sabahan actor Alex Alexander, who also starred in the team’s earlier production, Borneo Jungle Diaries.

Join Alex as she steps out of the Jungles of Borneo and dives into the surrounding oceans to explore this equally biodiverse and breathtaking marine environment.

The series begins with Alex literally ‘taking the plunge’ as she immerses herself into her PADI Open Water dive course, before her pan Borneo marine exploration can truly begin. PADI certified Alex is then guided by KK’s very own Marine Research Foundation Team, headed by Dr. Nicolas Pilcher. Alex’s underwater adventures take her around Sabah discovering its marine wonders, learning about the creatures, people and scientists that are all connected by the ocean and how we can all help to protect it for the future.

Borneo Ocean Diaries kicks off this week with eight action-packed weekly online episodes, which can be viewed on the Diveplanit Facebook page each week.

Borneo ocean diaries premiers on diveplanit facebook page