Getting Started with the Diveplanit App

Got the new FREE Diveplanit App but not sure where to start?

Let’s assume you’ve watched the two videos here that give the overview and how how to log a dive.

If you’re a Dive Centre or Liveaboard owner, you might want to watch this one too.

You don’t have set up anything before your first post, though you could set your profile pic: tap the Profile icon (bottom right), tap on your name in the banner and either take a photo, or load one from your Camera Roll.

Now start posting. Tap the Camera icon (middle icon) select Scubapost or Dive Log, and start posting. Whatever you post comes up in the Scubafeed. If you make a mistake you can always edit it – even the photos, or just delete it.

If you have a specific question, read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in our User Forum. You can also ask a question on this page.

There’s a specific ‘How To‘ page that we’ll build up as questions get asked.

Plus, a Tips & Tricks where we post on specific subjects like ‘How do a transfer my underwater photographs to my mobile device?’

We really want you to like using our App – designed by divers for divers – and if you’re having problems, you might not be alone. So if you’re still stuck, just email us at: We’ll get back to you as soon as we surface.


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