Diveplanit Ocean Lovers Christmas Gift Guide

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

This Christmas, I think we’ll all be wishing for the coming year to be full of dive travel adventures. Here are a few Christmas gift ideas that help protect our oceans. From ocean-inspired jewellery and coral adoption programs to spiced rum and Goodwill wine – even footballs.

Underwater water bottles for mental health

This new collaborative project between Elk Draws and underwater.com.au aims to help those struggling with mental health issues exacerbated by climate change anxiety and the depression and anxiety caused by the Covid19 pandemic.

Underwater water bottles

This project showcases the amazing drawings of Elk Draws on a stunningly produced series of water bottles that were created to help save the environment, contribute to mental health and to be individual pieces of useful art. 50% of the profits from the sale of these products will be donated to Lifeline who have been working hard to help people through these testing times.

Give the gift of travel: Diveplanit Gift Vouchers

What could be a better Christmas gift than a dive trip? Here’s the next best thing: a gift voucher. Your gift can be as little or large as you like. We’ll create a gift voucher for your recipient, complete with the amount, Unique Voucher Number, your personal message and details of how to redeem the gift. Your personalised gift voucher will be mailed to you (or your gift recipient), and you can choose from four different themes. Top tip: forward this link to your loved ones to give them a hint for a better gift idea than socks.

Diveplanit gift voucher

Bommie Australia ponchos

Bommie Australia’s new Plush Under the Palms hooded towel range features a striking navy & white print finished with a cheeky navy tassel fringed hem. And with a snap of a button your poncho converts to a towel, making it the most versatile and practical bit of apres-dive kit – the towel wrestling days of hopping on one foot behind trees and parked cars are over!

Bommie Australia hoodie

BONUS – Your Under the Palms poncho also comes with a matching zip purse made from the same plush velour material. A handy holdall for keeping your swim goggles scratch free and your coin stash handy for that caffeine fix post dive or anything else that floats your boat.

Artisan Collective’s Ocean Collection

Artisan Collective Australia has a beautiful range of ocean-inspired gift ideas, from Ocean Breeze scented candles and skicare gift packs to sarongs and fine art prints.

Artisan Collective Ocean Collection

World Treasure Designs

Combining a passion for the ocean and with his skills as a jeweller, World Treasure Designs founder Nick Thorpe launched the Ocean Collection in an effort to raise awareness and cultivate a greater love for threatened marine species. Inspired by the wildlife he found in his own backyard on the beautiful Fraser Coast, Nick’s designs are creative and exquisitely detailed –  a reflection of countless hours spent studying these creatures from above, and below, the surface.

Tiger shark earrings by World Treasure Designs

Nick grew up in the ocean, diving for abalone and crayfish in the cold waters of Tasmania, before moving to Hervey Bay, the “whale watching capital of the world”. Now an avid scuba diver and part-time skipper for a local whale watching boat, Nick’s love for the ocean and marine life has only grown. In an effort to help protect our precious oceans for future generations, we donate at least 1% of every purchase towards ocean conservation.

Good Citizens Eyewear

Good Citizens Eyewear was born over a family dinner discussion about global plastic waste. The frames are made in Sydney from discarded single-use plastic bottles. They are 100% recycled. The design is modular so each part is repairable and the hinge clip colour can be changed to match your mood, your nail varnish or the swoosh on your sneakers. The glasses are carbon negative and for every sale, they fund the removal of plastic trash from the ocean as a gift to the planet.

Recycled sunglasses from Good Citizen

Carbon-negative footballs by PARK

What is PARK? Co-founded by Sam Davy, former Global Creative Director for Apple, PARK is an impact-driven brand that believes soccer can change the world. PARK footballs aim to create social change, giving customers the power to inspire and enable the next generation just by playing the game they love. Equally passionate about the planet, PARK balls are the first carbon-negative footballs in the world. With every ball, 5kg of carbon is locked away through C2ZERO, and through their Pass-a-ball Project, for each ball purchased, another is donated to a child in need ensuring another 5kg of carbon is locked away, saving a total of 10kg of carbon with every purchase.

PARK carbon negative footballs

Nama Fiji skincare range

Hand harvested by the women of Somosomo village in Fiji, the Nama Fiji skincare range is 100 per cent plant-based and cruelty free. Nama (Caulerpa racemosa) is a unique species of seaweed that grows wild in the pristine, blue lagoon waters of the Yasawa Island region in Fiji. Nama has earned the title of ‘longevity seaweed’ because of its high concentration of essential minerals and vitamins. Nama “sea grapes” naturally contain Vitamin A, nature’s retinol, and keeps skin hydrated by causing intracellular, or within-cell hydration, and increasing cell metabolism to counteract ageing.

Purchase a tee = plant a mangrove tree

Buying a t-shirt from The Common Good Company saves 2700 litres of water, and 4.5 plastic bottles from landfill. Standard cotton is heavily dependent on water and pesticides. The Common Good Company has developed its own 100 per cent recycled fabric for plain shirts and casual street wear. And every purchase helps plant a mangrove tree. The company has developed its own unique textile made entirely with recycled materials. Sixty per cent is made from pre-consumer cotton (cotton scraps and other waste left on the factory floor), while the remaining 40 per cent uses recycled polyester made from single-use plastics such as water bottles, with the equivalent of 4.5 600-millilitre bottles used in every shirt.

The Common Good t-shirt

Seaweed Seasoning

Alg Seaweed recently released a new Rainbow Seaweed Chilli seasoning, which is included in it’s Christmas Gift Sets. For lovers of umame flavours, Alg Rainbow Seaweed Chilli seasoning is punchy mix of seaweed, sumac, chilli and cracked pepper. Alg also has a range of Seaweed Chocolates, salts, sprinkles and luxe gift packs full of seaweed essentials. Made from invasive seaweed species, using it as a food source also benefits Australia’s seabeds.

ALG seaweed seasoning giftset

Kailis Pearls

Kailis pearls are born from the rare Australian Pinctada Maxima oyster – the largest of all pearl-producing oysters in the world. Due to gross over-fishing in other areas, Australia is now the only place on Earth where the wild Pinctada Maxima can be used for pearl cultivation. Thanks to strict regulations ensuring sustainable processes, the wild pearl fisheries of Western Australia and the Northern Territory are the first in the world to be certified by The Marine Stewardship Council. Australia’s pearl beds are healthier now than they have been for more than a century and Kailis commit to sustaining this national legacy.

Kailis pearls bracelets

A conservation experience on the Great Barrier Reef 

The perfect day trip for ocean lovers, a Reef Tour and Eco Experience with Passions of Paradise off the coast of Cairns in the Great Barrier Reef. Experienced certified divers can join conservationists and researchers in small groups to help assess the health of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and monitor marine life. The day trip costs $399 pp. Snorkel tours are also available, offering a full day excursion visiting two reef locations – perfect for those wanting to explore marine life closer to the surface. Contact us if you’d like to purchase a gift certificate.

Passions of Paradise Eco Experience

Sequatix Waterproof Cases

Seaquatix waterproof cases for phones and valuables allow you to take photos and videos underwater straight from your phone. The case is airtight for up to 20 metres depth for two hours and comes in eight colours and two sizes.

Sequatix Waterproof case

Benni Marine Designs

Tassie-based Benita ‘Benni’ Vincent has been diving and taking underwater photos for over 25 years and has developed a range of clothing and accessories inspired by the patterns discovered in the underwater world.

Five per cent of Benni Marine Designs profits are donated to ocean conservation projects, including the Handfish Conservation Project, a recovery plan for three Critically Endangered species of handfish; the Red Handfish, Spotted Handfish, and Ziebell’s Handfish. Known only from southern Tasmania, Australia, these handfish are faced with increasing levels of habitat destruction and loss, pollution, impacts associated with invasive species, and climate change.

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

Ocean Alchemy

Creative director and founder of Ocean Alchemy, Talia Greis, has created a collection of ocean-inspired products that aims to celebrate the beauty of the surrounding seas. The range includes jewellery, accessories, apparel and photography.

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

Reeftip Drinks

Celebrate Christmas with Australia Spiced Rum from Reeftip Drinks Co. A new rum-based drink launched by beverage giant Diageo, the drinks producer behind Bundaberg Rum, aims to help save the Great Barrier Reef, with a percentage of profits funding the Coral Nurture Program.

Reeftip, which is launching with a spiced rum premix range featuring hints of Australian inspired local flavours and a spiced rum spirit in October, is donating 10 per cent of its profits to the Coral Nurture Program which will enable the program to accelerate its coral regeneration work at Great Barrier Reef sites and support the scientific research that underpins field work on the reef.

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

Ocean-inspired jewellery from Atolea

Atolea is on a mission to help save our beautiful Oceans, donating 15% of profits to Ocean conservation charities. When you buy on Atolea Jewellery, a portion of your purchase will go directly to keeping our oceans safe, clean & beautiful. All designs are based around the ocean and marine life, hence they feature all things related to the island life – be it sea turtles, waves or palm trees. They are made from sterling silver or stainless steel to keep their shine even when you take them with you to the ocean, literally.

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

Pacific Whale Foundation’s Ocean Store

Socks! And why not, when profits go towards the Pacific Whale Foundation’s non-profit whale and dolphin research, marine education, and environmental conservation programs in Australia. Select from a wide range of PWF logo gear, including t-shirts, caps and beanies, homewares, books and other unique ocean-themed eco friendly items at its online Ocean Store.

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

Wildcard Sue

Artist Sue Liu has combined her passion for the sea and a dedication to wildlife conservation to create Wildcard Sue – a range of beautifully illustrated cards, posters and limited edition prints, including a wide range of iconic Australian marine species including weedy and leafy seadragons, seahorses, eastern blue groper, octopus and grey nurse sharks.

Diveplanit ocean lovers christmas gift guide

Goodwill Wine

Ten years ago, Goodwill Wine founder Steve Laity lost most of what he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires.

“Because of the money you dropped into donation tins around the country, I was able to start again. With a powerful new motivation to drive me on, I made it my mission to “pay forward” the incredible generosity shown to me.”

The business gives back 50 per cent of everything earned to the charities customers care most about (you can choose), which includes the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Sea Shepherd, Fight for our Reef and Reef Check Australia.

Goodwill wine david laity

Great Barrier Beer

Purchase Great Barrier Beer and 10 per cent goes back to the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS). But that’s not all. Great Barrier Beer brewers, The Good Beer Co., has teamed up with LADBible Australia and the AMCS to campaign to make the Great Barrier Reef an Australian citizen, so that the Australian government is obliged to protect it.

Great barrier beer

Coral Crusaders

The Reef Restoration Foundation is growing corals on coral tree frames in Australia’s first ocean-based nurseries at Fitzroy Island and Hastings Reef to help repopulate degraded reefs. For a AU$50 donation you can now adopt your very own little piece of the Great Barrier Reef with the Foundation’s Coral Crusader program. On adoption, you’ll receive a certificate with your name on it (or your gift recipient’s name) and receive regular updates on how your baby coral is doing.

Reef restoration coral crusader

Coral Gardeners

The Coral Gardeners, a group of young ocean lovers based on the French Polynesian island of Moorea, could see the damage done to the reefs in the waters they call home and decided to something about it. The founder Titouan and his team of surfers, free divers, and fishermen are actively working to restore the corals through a program of regeneration, and they are inviting eco-warriors from across the globe to get involved, from home.

Via the Coral Gardeners’ website, for as little as EUR 25, you can adopt and name your own piece of coral (or adopt for someone as a gift), which will be cultivated then planted in a reef in Tahiti. Once the borders are open again, the Coral Gardeners will happily take visitors to see with their own eyes where adopted baby corals have built their habitat on the reef.

Coral gardeners photo by ivana cook