Clean me a river…

Because all rivers lead to the sea… Cairns dive operator Passions of Paradise has decided during Dive Against Debris month to highlight the plight of our oceans with a World Rivers Day Cleanup. Yes, it’s Dive Against Debris Month and divers around the world are doing their bit to help clean up our oceans. If you care about our precious oceans, I expect you’ll be joining in on a cleanup somewhere near you. But have you thought about where this debris comes from?

Dive for debris clean up the beach

I’ve done quite a few clean-ups, and while the reaction from onlookers is almost always positive and even grateful, often I’m faced with the following two annoying statements:

1. I don’t throw my rubbish in the sea, I always put mine in the bin.

2. Shouldn’t council be doing that?


It’s the first statement here that Passions of Paradise aim to highlight.

“While some litter does fall off vessels or blow out of garbage bins, nearly all of this trash makes its way to the ocean via the worldwide network of rivers, lakes, streams, and other waterways that connect to the planet’s oceans, including onto the Great Barrier Reef,” said marketing manager Adam O’Malley.

Dive for debris clean up the beach

In answer to the second statement, I usually refer people to the philosophy of environmental organisation; Two Hands Project: that we should all take responsibility for the little patch of the planet that we care about the most.

Don’t wait for someone else to clean it up – don’t wait for Clean Up Australia Day – take your own two hands, a little bit of time and make a difference, large or small. The Passions of Paradise Crew will meet at the Cairns Reef Fleet Terminal at 10am on Sunday 28th September and then head off as a team to clean up a selected waterway.

Passions will supply a Pair of Gloves, Trash Bags, A FREE T-Shirt and all the sunscreen & refreshments to help you get the job done as well as the vehicles to get rid of the waste.


“I encourage you to pass this onto as many people as you can – invite your colleagues or customers/guests to come along as well – the more the merrier,” said Adam. “Remember, we have one planet. Let’s take care of it.”

Passions of Paradise Dive for debris

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