Biodiversity #27 – Shrimp Goby – A Goby and a Shrimp co-habiting

Biodiversity #27 – Shrimp Goby – a shrimp and a goby co-habitating.

Shrimp Goby and Alpheid Shrimp

Here’s the deal: Goby can’t dig his own safety tunnels, so he gets Shrimp to dig, and constantly maintain them – which Shrimp does for most of the day. And whilst doing so, Shrimp tends to keep one antennae in contact with the Goby at all times. If a predator approaches, Goby warns poorly-sighted Shrimp and within a second both are safely underground.

I guess from the Shrimp’s perspective it’s not much of a life – but it’s a life. Does he get lunch break? What about weekends? How do either of them find time to procreate?  Biodiversity: life is full of mysteries.

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