Biodiversity #10 – The Manta Ray

Biodiversity #10 – Manta rays are among the largest fish in the ocean, growing up to 7m from wing tip to wing tip. Manta rays also have the largest brain to body size ratio of any living fish. They are completely harmless unless you happen to be a plankton. There are two types: reef mantas, which tend to hang around one area (albeit a large one), and ocean-going mantas – true pelagics. The shot below is from Palau, but you don’t have to leave Australia to see Mantas.

Manta rays heading straight through at German Channel Koror Palau

They are aware of, and interact with divers. One of the best (and easiest to get to) places to see them in Australia is at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort (the banner pic is from LEI). Another place in Australia is Cocos Keeling Islands. This video below was shot at Service Station dive site. For a list of places to see mantas, read this post on the best place to encounter mantas.

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