5 reasons to dive North Sulawesi right now

Last month we were all saddened to hear of the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that hit Central Sulawesi. The dive industry in this popular destination would like everyone to know that North Sulawesi was completely unaffected, the diving is as mind-blowing as ever, and there are still ways that you can help the people of Palu.


In fact, you will be helping the people of Palu simply by booking a dive holiday here. Every dollar spent in North Sulawesi helps the dive resorts send much-needed aid.

Photos by Heather Sutton, with additional images provided by Siladen Resort.

5 Reasons to dive North Sulawesi Right now

  1. To hang out with the many turtles that populate Bunaken National Park
  2. For a meander through the coral gardens of Bangka and Gangga Islands
  3. Give the macro camera gear a workout with the world-famous muck diving in Lembeh Strait
  4. We have some awesome Special Offers right now
  5. Your tourism dollars will be help the people of Palu
Thalassa supplies to Palu truck
Thalassa Resorts, along with other members of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association, are joining forces to get as many supplies to Palu as possible.

Earthquake and tsunami in Palu

The dive destinations of Manado, Bunaken, Gangga, Bangka and Lembeh in North Sulawesi are over 1000km from Palu, which is located in Central Sulawesi. They were unaffected by the earthquake and tsunami, and equally unaffected by the volcanic eruption a few days later at Mount Soputan. ThisĀ active volcano, around 40km from Manado, has erupted several times in the last 20 years, it has never posed a threat to any of the North Sulawesi resorts.

Sulawesi map

How to help Palu

While the dive resorts in North Sulawesi were not affected, they are all keen to help. The North Sulawesi Watersports Association (NSWA) is sending help in the way of much-needed food, water and clothes, which are being shipped/flown to Palu by the army.

Thalassa Help us help Palu

Thalassa Dive Resorts has information on how you can contribute to the relief effort on their Facebook page.

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