Great shot of a gnss mouth at south west rocks diving the aquarium

Best Places to dive with Grey Nurse Sharks in NSW

Would you like to get up close and personal with some NSW locals? There’s nothing better than meeting sharks in their local natural habitats and in NSW, nothing safer.

Our local shark is the grey nurse (Carcharius taurus) which grows to about 3 metres and though it looks fierce there are no reported incidents of grey nurse sharks harming divers – or humans for that matter.

Numb ray banner

Biodiversity #28 – Numb Ray (Hypnos monopterygius)

The Numb Ray – so called because it can give you a 200V electric shock – which will make your arm go numb! Not to be confused with Numbfish which look more like rays, and less like discarded sacks! Numbfish have a much wider distribution, whereas the Numb Ray species is endemic to Australia.