Diveplanit Travel comes of age

Over the next few weeks, Diveplanit Travel and Diversion Dive Travel will become one entity, as we launch a new website and solidify Diveplanit’s position as the leading specialist dive travel agency: Diveplanit Travel.

Why is this happening?

It’s simpler managing one brand (and one website) than it is two, and as it is time to retire the Diversion website, it makes sense to consolidate everything behind the one brand: Diveplanit. Also, as we are now positioned for growth, we wanted to consolidate all our systems before bringing on our new employees.

What will this mean for our valued customers?

There will be no changes to our focus on excellent customer service and managing your individual or group trips end-to-end. Nor will our on-going search for new dive destinations and dive experiences.

What will change is our emails will look different as we move to a different email platform, and our email addresses will be attached to diveplanit.com. In future you’ll see deborah@diveplanit.com and enquire@diveplanit.com etc. You will receive a formal note before the change over. If you have the slightest doubt when you receive your first email you can contact us using the old email address to check.

What will this mean for the hundreds of resorts, liveaboards and travel suppliers?

Only that our email addresses will change. We’ll be in contact directly to explain which addresses will be used for which purpose.

When is the change happening?

It is already underway. A lot of work has been happening during the enforced shutdowns to reengineer our internal systems to improve efficiencies and streamline the customer experience. The final changes will happen when we launch our new website.

Even after these changes there will still be work to do to bring the website bang up to date. Many resorts are more focussed on getting their resorts ready for re-opening rather than revising their price lists. As each country opens up, we’ll be checking in with resorts for any changes in their offerings or pricing to make sure we have the latest information for you.

Finally, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients, whether you consider yourself a Diversion client or a Diveplanit client, and trusting us with your bookings and sticking with us during the dark months of COVID. We look forward to getting you to your dream dive destination as soon as possible.

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