What gives the best scuba diving? Dive resorts or Liveaboards? How do the best scuba diving resorts compare with the best liveaboards?

Dive Resorts or Liveaboards? That is the Question

Those who regularly dive on Liveaboards will tell you it’s the best way to dive, whilst those who don’t, wonder why you’d want to spend a week’s vacation cooped up on a boat! So we explored the merits of each – for you to see the other side – and maybe try it.


Anthias with blue behind at Grand Central Station diving Gizo dive the Solomons by Diveplanit

Three different ways to Dive the Solomons

There are many different ways to dive the Solomon Islands, your options include: spending a week on a Liveaboard, a week in a dive resort or just grab a few dives from the local dive shop on your way through.