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Need help finding the best diving places that suit you?

This section is for divers who are looking for the best places to scuba dive according to a number of different criteria, such as a diving adventure with specific marine creatures, like manta rays or turtles; or best places to dive on colourful reefs, wrecks, or muck diving; or the best diving with other criteria like luxury liveaboards, diving cruises, luxury diving or back-packer options.

For example, you might want to dive with manta rays and have loads of experience but are little financially challenged right now: what are the best scuba diving locations?

If you know where you want to dive, simply use the search box on any page to enter the country or location name, e.g., “Fiji” or “Bali”, or the region name, e.g., “Similans” or “Yasawas”, or even a dive site name, e.g., “Coolidge” or “Rainbow Reef”. You can search by dive centre or liveaboard name, e.g., “Jetty Dive” or “Mike Ball”.

Returning to the question: what is the best place to scuba dive?

In addition to ‘well what do you want to see’, you will probably have a secondary set of criteria that might need to be taken into account such as:

  • I don’t care much for currents
  • I can’t do longboat journeys I get seasick
  • I’m travelling with my significant other who snorkels but doesn’t dive … yet!

Our aim with this section is to suggest the best scuba diving options for you to explore in detail. Note that the hyperlinks on this page open in new tabs, so you can click on something that looks interesting, but keep reading this article; then go back and see what you flagged as potentially interesting in each of the tabs you’ve opened.

The article is structured mainly around the best dive spots according to the type of diving you are looking for, with options at each end of the experience and budget scale. So dive in, and we hope you’ll find the scuba travel experience you’re looking for.

Coming soon:

  • Australia’s Special Places
  • Mantas, Turtles and Seals
  • Diving with Sharks
  • Wrecks at Recreational Depths
  • More adventurous stuff

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