Taka Dai, Yonaguni, Okinawa, Japan

Site Overview
Dive Centres
Site Type: Scenic
Depth: Top: 10M Median: 12M Bottom: 18M
Location: On the south side of the island, about 15-20 minutes’ boat ride.

Taka Dai Dive site is an undulating plain of coral, with butterfly fish, schools of yellow striped snapper, and an enormous field of bright orange anemones.

The main feature on this site is a huge field of orange anemones, an area about 20-30 square metres, populated by large schools of tomato clownfish.

Yello striped snapper Taka Dai Yonaguni Okinawa

Orange anemones Taka Dai Yonaguni Okinawa

Here and the orange is dotted with florescent pink anemones – possibly bleached but very pretty none the less.

2653 pink anemone Orange anemones Taka Dai Yonaguni Okinawa

2660_Orange anemones Taka Dai Yonaguni Okinawa