Planet Rock

Site Overview
Site Type: Sea Mount
Depth: Top: 5M Bottom: 36M
Location: Located 3km offshore, south west of the resort

Madang’s most famous dive site is an offshore sea mount that rises from 600m to 5m and is called Planet Rock. The hard corals at this site are stunning, especially in the shallows where they swarm with small reef fish. However, you don’t dive this site to see coral and small fish, as it is a location where pelagic fish and sharks gather.

At Planet Rock divers will see schools of barracuda and trevally, plus mackerel, tuna, rainbow runners, batfish and oceanic triggerfish. Also common are several large Queensland gropers, but they are a little wary of divers. Grey reef sharks patrol the waters at this site, and divers also have a good chance of seeing scalloped hammerhead sharks in deeper water. Other sharks sometimes seen at Planet Rock include silvertip sharks and tiger sharks.

In an hour long dive you can do a complete circuit of Planet Rock, just remember to always keep an eye out to the blue as you just never know what you will see.