Henry Leith

Site Overview
Site Type: Scuttled Ship
Depth: Top: 10M Bottom: 20M
Location: Western side of Wongat Island

There are a number of shipwrecks off Madang that can be explored, but this small coastal freighter is one of the best. Scuttled in the 1980s for divers, the wreck now rests in 20m and is an easy dive that anyone will enjoy.

The ship is only 33m long, but there is plenty to see. In the hold are the remains of a truck and other junk, while on the bow are winches and other equipment. Divers can peer into the bridge, inspect the rudder and investigate a few hatches.

Located in the calm waters of the Madang Lagoon, the Henry Leith is completely overgrown with corals – large black coral trees, beautiful soft corals, radiant gorgonians and forests of sea whips. Numerous fish call the wreck home, including trevally, batfish, snappers, lionfish and sweetlips. Also look out for smaller critters like nudibranchs, shrimps, longnose hawkfish and flatworms.