Dive Site: Guadalupe

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Site Overview

Site Type: Great White Shark Dive
Location: Guadalupe, Mexico


Diving Guadalupe Island is the top destination for Great White Shark encounters. This small volcanic island located in the Pacific 240 km off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula outperforms both South Africa and Australia with shark-seeing consistency and watching conditions.

Diving Guadalupe-great-white-sharks_005 Nautilus Liveaboards

Image: with permission Nautilus Liveaboards

The sea is generally calm in-season and water temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius. The visibility is generally very good and can be up to 30m.

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Image: with permission Nautilus Liveaboards

The liveaboards running tours to Guadalupe Island provide several different variations on shark cages. Some cages include an upper level with no bars so that the only thing between you and the shark is a hand rail. Other cages are horizontal and include motors for moving around in the water.

Diving Guadalupe-great-white-sharks_010-Nautilus Liveaboards

Image: with permission Nautilus Liveaboards

Both certified divers and non-divers can participate in Great White Shark diving near Guadalupe Island. Non-divers must use a hookah system and stay in a cage at the surface. Certified divers can use scuba equipment while cage diving at 10 m.


Image: with permission Nautilus Liveaboards