Barracuda Point

Site Overview
Site Type: Reef wall
Depth: Top: 5M Bottom: 30M
Location: Off Pig Island

A drift dive at Barracuda Point is an unforgettable experience. Washed by currents the corals at this site are incredible – large gorgonians, pretty soft corals, gorgeous whip corals and spectacular barrel sponges. While in the shallows are healthy hard corals that play host to a variety of reef fish and invertebrates. And if you are lucky you might see a hooded epaulette shark hidden under a ledge.

However, the main feature at this site are schooling fish, and lots of them. Divers typically see schools of trevally, barracuda, snappers, sweetlips, fusiliers, batfish, surgeonfish and sometimes bumphead parrotfish. Joining these immense schools of fish are also mackerel, tuna and Maori wrasse. Grey reef sharks also patrol the wall, but are a little camera shy.

Barracuda Point is also a place where divers will see crocodilefish, moray eels and banded sea kraits, a type of sea snake. Other species seen here include nudibranchs, angelfish, anemonefish, sea stars and lionfish.