B25 Bomber

Site Overview
Site Type: WW2 Aircraft Wreck
Depth: Top: 15M Bottom: 22M
Location: Western side of Wongat Island

During World War II Madang was captured by the Japanese and regularly bombed by the allies. In one bombing raid a North American B25 Mitchell Bomber was shot down and crash landed off Wongat Island. Five of the six crew survived the crashed, but four were later executed by the Japanese.

Today this fabulous plane wreck rests on a sandy slope and is completely encrusted in corals. Exploring this 16m long bomber divers can investigate the cockpit, the engine and prop, see the machine guns in the nose, midships and tail, swim under the 20m wide wings, and explore the tall tail fins.

The plane is also home to a good variety of marine life. Commonly seen are lionfish, rock cods, butterflyfish, nudibranchs, cardinalfish and damsels. A few muck critters can also be found around the plane, so keep an eye out for shrimp gobies, mantis shrimps and ribbon eels.