Diveplanit COVID Travel Policy

As the world learns to live with COVID, Diveplanit Travel has learned how best to manage travel during COVID.

Our policy is to stay abreast of the changing requirements, interpret them for you into straightforward steps, and guide you through what you need to do to have the smoothest dive trip experience.

Our promise to you is that will use our best endeavours and leverage our strong relationships with all our suppliers to ensure that, for any COVID impacted trip,  any of your funds that cannot be refunded are held as a credit until it is safe for you to travel.

Stay abreast of the changing requirements

Every country (and in some cases, each state or province) has different requirements for entry, and what you are allowed to do when you are there. Your home country, or even state, has specific requirements for coming home. The different airlines also have different requirements

Most significantly – these are all changing all the time.

We have industry contacts and access to relevant government, tourism, airline and operator information to find the latest information for your specific trip, and stay abreast of changes between the time you book, and the time you travel.

Interpret them for you into straightforward steps

As your travel date approaches, we review the requirements for pre-departure, travel, arrival stay and return. We figure out what you need to know, and get that information to you in a clear and timely manner.

Guide you through what you need to do

The most common requirements are for:

  • Pre-departure test – we’ll send you a link to where you can book a test relevant to your trip
  • Proof of vaccination – we’ll explain how to download your International COVIC Vaccination Certificate (ICVC)
  • Insurance – we can organise appropriate coverage, or check that the policy you have sourced meets the requirements of countries you are travelling to
  • Arrival tests – we’ll advise you if these are required, and help you arrange them
  • Getting home – we’ll advise you of the requirements and any paperwork.

Best laid plans and all …

What happens if I or my buddy get COVID just before the trip? 

Depending on the timing and the airline, you may get a full refund or a credit, or nothing. The resort is unlikely to give you any credit. This is what insurance is for – and we’ll help you with any claims paperwork.

What happens if I or my buddy test positive whilst on the trip?

Each operator has in place a protocol to follow. You will likely be isolated, and in the unlikely event you become seriously ill, you will be transferred to a medical centre or hospital or medi-vacced back to Australia. Your insurance will cover these additional costs.

Smoothest dive trip experience

We do the work so you don’t have to – it’s what we do and we do this everyday. At any given time we have dozens of customers in various dive destinations throughout the world. You should not expect anything less from an ATAS Accredited Travel Agency