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How to Use the Diveplanit App

If you have just create an account, and clicked here in a welcome email your account is ready to go; you can log into Diveplanit on your device with the username you just set up!

The Diveplanit App is designed to be intuitive, so we encourage you to play with it to discover its features. However, some people like to read the manual, so we’ll be adding sections here accordingly for new users. You could also check out the FAQs page which may assist, or where you can post a question.

If you don’t have the App yet Click here to download Diveplanit free from the App Store.

In this section:

  • Logging Into Diveplanit
  • ScubaPost or DiveLog?
  • Working with Images


Logging Into Diveplanit

Diveplanit has been designed so that you can log on via Facebook, Twitter or Google+ seamlessly.

Multiple Accounts

Some users who have multiple Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts, and access them via the one device, might encounter complications. A Diveplanit user id can only be linked to one Facebook identity and one Twitter identity and one Google+ identity.

If you definitely want to be able to sign-in via one of these accounts, say Facebook, then logout of Facebook completely and re-boot the device. Log into Facebook again using the Facebook account that you want to use to access Diveplanit, stay logged in, then log into Diveplanit.

An alternative, and possibly more straight forward option is to create a Diveplanit user name and password. When posting to Facebook, Twitter or Google+, Diveplanit will ask you to log into these other social media Apps, and you can choose which user account to use at that point.

Note that if you are already logged into these social media accounts, it will be that account that is linked as the default.

Did not get the confirmation e-mail?

It is possible that the confirmation email ended up in your junk mail folder. Check there first. You need to confirm your account request in the email “Please confirm your DivePlanIt account request”. Once this has been done your account should be active and you can log in using the username and password you created. Remember, this is the username, not your own name. If you can’t remember how you spelt ‘scuba-squirell’ check your “Congratulations, you have successfully registered with DivePlanIt” email – it will be in there.