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My Underwater World – Yvonne McKenzie

Yvonne McKenzie, based on Australia’s own Christmas Island, shares her underwater world with Diveplanit.
How did you get into underwater photography in the first place? – Well, ever since I was a young teenager, I always loved taking photos and never went anywhere without a camera. Even today, I still remember my first “camera”: a flat rectangle shape, yellow and black in colour, made of plastic where the flash and 35mm film took up most of the space and left very little room for a “lens”

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That’s my UW camera rig – David Faulks

Q1: Explain how you got into underwater photography in the first place. David Faulks: “My interest started from watching others in the water capturing fantastic images and spending many hours talking about what they had seen and photographed during a photo shoot out on board the Ocean Trek at Jervis Bay during the 2012 October […]

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Biodiversity #30 – The Whale Shark

We are ending biodiversity week with probably the biggest example of the diverse species that inhabit our oceans: The Whale Shark. So named because it is as big as many whales and like many whales, a filter feeder.