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Diveplanit’s Marine Environment 2016 Round up!

Throughout the year Diveplanit has brought you news about the Marine Environment. Here’s a little summary of ocean related news for 2016 – and despite a few obvious examples – lots of it good and there are reasons to be hopeful!

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Why does Sydney only have one Marine Sanctuary?

Everyone loves Shelly Beach and Fairy Bower, so why do we only have one marine sanctuary in the whole of Sydney? What if we had 10 such aquatic sanctuaries? Imagine waking up to that headline! Want to help make that a reality? Read on…

Save our marine parks and marine sanctuaries

The Great Marine Park Rezoning Bamboozle

Confused by what’s happening to the NSW Marine Park? Re-zoning of sanctuaries and amnesties on not being able to fish? Me too. Not surprisingly though – there does seem to be a concerted effort to bamboozle the public on this one

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So what exactly is the Coral Reef Alliance?

On a recent trip to Fiji we found ourselves diving with Juliane Diamond, a program manager for the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), and as coral reefs are part of the reason we exist, I was keen to find out more about their work. I wanted to find out; what exactly is the Coral Reef Alliance, what do they do and how can we help?