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CoralWatch – early warning for coral bleaching

CoralWatch is a citizen science initiative using a colour-coded chart to help users to survey coral reefs and detect coral bleaching in its early stages. Simple to use … watch the video … order your own CoralWatch Chart

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The coral bleaching wake-up call

This year’s coral bleaching event is a wake up call for us all to start behaving differently – to reduce our carbon footprint. It is not a reason to stop exploring our underwater world.

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So what exactly is the Coral Reef Alliance?

On a recent trip to Fiji we found ourselves diving with Juliane Diamond, a program manager for the Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL), and as coral reefs are part of the reason we exist, I was keen to find out more about their work. I wanted to find out; what exactly is the Coral Reef Alliance, what do they do and how can we help?