Damselfish goldendamsel cki

Golden Damsel

Classic damselfish shape – long pointed posterior dorsal and anal fins.  (Like some damsel in flowing silk attire).  Yellow-blue body with yellow pelvic and anal fins; darker blue band along top of back.

Damselfish pink anemonefish cki fci

Pink Anemonefish

Called a pink, but body colour can range from dull pink to bright orange. Identified by vertical white lines (not bands) behind the eyes, and white band from forehead, along the base of the dorsal to the white tail.

Butterflyfish longnose cki

Longnose Butterflyfish

Clearly identifiable by its long nose. Different from the really-long nosed, in that the really-long nosed has speckles on its chin, the long-nosed doesn’t.

Butterflyfish redfin butterflyfish chaetodon lunulatus gbr replace image

Redfin Butterflyfish

Called the Pin Strip for obvious reasons, though the banding is hardly pin-strip thickness. Also called Redfin after the anal fin – which is more orange than red really. Has a distinctive dark patch on one of the upper, horizontal lines along its side.