SPUMS Practical Day: Divers Den

Board AquaQuest for a day-trip to the outer reef for a snorkel or double dive on Norman, Hastings or Saxon reefs.

AquaQuest is a purpose-built dive vessel, with a spacious dive deck and state of the art diving equipment. Discover the marine wonderland of the outer Great Barrier Reef, just a 90-minute boat trip from Cairns. We’ll spend five hours at the reef and visit two stunning dive sites. These are chosen from exclusive moorings on the Norman, Saxon and Hastings reefs to bring you the best quality conditions and diverse marine life, from colourful corals to inquisitive Nemos, turtles, stingrays and giant Maori Wrasse.

AquaQuest is Divers Den’s newest vessel and purpose-built for diving and snorkelling. It has a spacious dive deck and a sunken platform offering easy access to the water, plus state of the art equipment. Choose safe and enjoyable snorkelling for you and your family, introductory diving with full pre-dive tuition, or certified diving for a choice of three spectacular dives.

During your Great Barrier Reef day trip, enjoy our large sun decks, air conditioned indoor spaces and hot fresh water showers. After a morning spent exploring the reef, enjoy a generous buffet lunch with a range of hot and cold foods, salads, rolls and tropical fruit to refuel for the afternoon. Pricing below includes full gear for both snorkelers, and full dive gear for divers.

  • Snorkelers $205
  • Divers (2 dives) $275

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