SPUMS 2019 ASM – Diving Options

PLEASE NOTE: ALL available dive slots at SPUMS ASM 2019 in Honiara are now FILLED

All slots during the ASM – Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 May inclusive in Honiara are now filled. There is still capacity on Saturday 18, Sunday 19 and Monday 20 May prior to the conference start on Tuesday 21 May for both boat and shore diving but there are no dive spots available during the ASM.

There is availability on all the pre- and post- conference dive packages in Gizo, Munda and Tulagi.

SPUMS 2019 ASM – Diving Options

This information is left up only for reference for those who have already purchased their diving

Diving has been arranged for the five mornings of the SPUMS 2019 ASM. Almost all of the diving around Honiara is wreck diving, though many of the wrecks are sufficiently old to have formed artificial reefs. Diversion Dive Travel is therefore also offering delegates a chance, via Pre- or Post-ASM packages, to experience some of the great diving that the Florida Islands and the Western Province, or enjoy a 10 night liveaboard trip through the Florida and Russell Islands, Marovo Lagoon and Mary Island. These Pre- or Post-ASM packages are presented below the ASM Diving Options. (The hyperlinks scattered through this page are to the Solomon Islands section of the Diveplanit Website).

ASM Diving Options

Diving for SPUMS 2019 ASM is being provided by three dive centres Tulagi Dive, Raiders Hotel & Dive and Dive Munda, with five different dive trips running each day.

Two boats will head from Honiara across Iron Bottom Sound to Tulagi daily to dive:

  • Tulagi’s Twin Tunnels and the aircraft wreck Catalina
  • Tulagi’s Twin Tunnels and the aircraft wreck Mavis

Departures will be from the Port Cruz Yacht Club right next door to the Mendana, (accessible from the Mendana via the beach).

Three shore double dives will be offered via road transport – with staggered departures from outside the hotels.

All 5 of these dive trips will also be offered on the Sunday and Monday immediately prior to the ASM start date, at a leisurely pace. There is an inbound flight on Saturday 18 May for early arrivals to facilitate this.

Diving Options on the Form

For logistical and safety reasons, we plan to offer dives as three different combos to spread the load. The 5 Dive Day Packages will offer one of each dive. The 3 Dive day package will be shore diving only. A generous buffet lunch at the Mendana has been included in the dive package pricing, due to the necessity of being able to provide lunch for large numbers, quickly, between the practical and scientific meeting sessions. Divers who would like to do one or more of the day tours may like to consider taking a 3 Dive day ASM Package in combination with a pre- or post-ASM package. Currently the available options are:

  • 5 Dive day ASM Package: AUD  1,380: 5 double dives over the ASM days
  • 3 Dive day ASM Package: AUD  730: 3 double shore dives which will be on ASM days (for those who don’t fancy the 90 min boat trip to Tulagi)
  • 5 Dive day Package over 7 days: AUD  1,380: 5 double dives, with diving on Sunday 19 and Monday 20 May, and 3 ASM days

Diving FAQ’s

Please read the following notes before making your choice on the Booking Request Form.

  • It is assumed that all divers will, as far as practical, bring their own gear including weight belt or pockets, computer and torch.
  • Weights and tanks will be supplied
  • Please note that there is only a limited set of gear for hire available
  • Air and water temperature means that wetsuits are NOT required, even on the deep dives
  • Local dive shops recommend a full length rashy
  • As weights are at a premium, please avoid unnecessarily buoyant suits
  • Divers to be responsible for their own gear at all times; even rental gear
  • Wash down facilities will be provided at the dive centre for those staying at Mendana, and on the pool deck at the Heritage.
  • Divers will be out all morning; there are no showers at the dive sites; facilities will be ‘basic at best; sun protection is essential.
  • Only water and biscuits are provided during the surface interval; divers requiring something more substantial need to bring their own – from home.
  • It is recommended that divers consume at least 1 litre of water every hour.
  • Delegates’ requests will be used to plan the overall dive schedule for the 60+ divers over the week. However, particular sites cannot be guaranteed to each individual, and all diving is to an extent, weather dependent.
  • Almost all of the diving around Honiara is wreck diving, with depths on the border of recreational diving. It would be very wise to plan a couple of deepish dives in the weeks leading up to SPUMS 2019 ASM if possible.

Pre- and Post-ASM Dive Packages

If you only ever plan to visit the Solomons once in your life, take advantage of the Pre- and Post-ASM dive packages which have been designed to fit snugly with the ASM schedule and Solomons Airlines international schedule to maximise the amount of diving on the region’s best reefs and wrecks. Please note that spaces are limited, and all available spaces are sold strictly on a first come – first served basis.

Raiders Hotel & Dive, Tulagi

Dive Munda, Munda


Dive Gizo, Gizo

Bilikiki Liveaboard *** SOLD OUT ***

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