Lembeh Muck Diving Special – save 20%

Key Facts:

Price: From EUR 983

Travel between: 01 Jan 20 to 31 Mar 20

Book between: 22 Oct 19 and 15 Feb 20

Dive 12, pay 11 plus a FREE night dive!

Get a 20% discount off accommodation and a free night dive with Thalassa Lembeh Resort’s Lembeh Muck Diving Special for new bookings during January to March 2020. A great deal for macro photographers who love critters.

Hunt for the blue ringed octopus, hairy frogfish, and pygmy seahorses at the muck diving capital of the world. There’s a dizzying variety of nudibranchs, worms and crustaceans, with some creatures are so well camouflaged, or so tiny, you need a magnifying glass to see them.

Valid for new bookings only.

Get a 20% discount and a free night dive with Thalassa Lembeh Resort\'s 2020 Lembeh Muck Diving Special. Save 20% Jan to Mar 2020.

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