Palau Aggressor Special: Save US $1000

Key Facts:

Price: From USD 2335

Travel between: 12 Sep 21 to 19 Dec 21

Book between: 21 Jul 21 and 20 Aug 21

Manta, sharks & Jellyfish Lake!

For many divers, Palau is the Holy Grail of scuba diving. The fact that in 2015 the small nation declared 80% of their territorial waters off limits to commercial fishing is one of the reasons why. There are numerous currents from far and near making the waters nutrient-rich, supporting a food chain from plankton to mantas, and snapper to sharks and everything in between.

Book your next Palau liveaboard trip on Aggressor II this year and save US $1,000!

Aggressor’s 7-night liveaboard packages include five days and a half days of diving. Diving begins Monday morning and ends Saturday before lunch when the Aggressor returns to port. Monday through Friday there are four dives offered each day and a night dive on three evenings. Saturday a half-day of diving is offered.

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